About Us

J Brickwood Building Pty Ltd was established in 1998 by James Brickwood – qualified builder and carpenter. Over this time the company has built a reputation in the St George and Sutherland Shire districts as a quality building company with an emphasis on looking after our client’s families.

Over the past 10 years we have cemented ourselves as specialists in the renovation and additions market. We pride ourselves on understanding what our client wants to achieve and giving them realistic expectations as to how the job will run.

When you choose J Brickwood Building Pty Ltd you can expect a team that is:

1. Family Friendly

Our team of carpenters and trade contractors have been hand picked to ensure they understand the specific needs of families. In most cases our clients continue to live in the house whilst renovating therefore the families and our staff are living and working in close proximity during certain parts of the project.

We have a special empathy with our clients and can offer advice from our own personal experiences of living through renovations and additions. We have a basic rule, if we will not use a particular contractor in our own house with our own children, Sutherland Shire builderwe will not use them in yours.

2. Innovative

Renovations and additions are a specialty area as no two jobs are alike. Unlike a new home where you are dealing with a clean slate, a renovation and/or addition provides unique challenges to blend the existing with the new. We have developed better working systems to ensure timeliness of trades providing us with the ability to complete your project on time.

J Brickwood Building is an accredited Greensmart Professional offering advice to our clients on the best way to achieve a sustainable home into the future. By reducing energy use and water consumption in your home you are actively taking part in the future of our children. Small changes at the time of construction or choices in products made at the time of purchase can make a huge difference both to our planet but also to your hip pocket.

3. Committed to Quality

We are proud to be a small company with a hands on approach to each and every building project. As a member of the Housing Industry Association we are committed to providing the highest standards of customer service, workmanship, business conduct and full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations thereby producing a quality job every time.

The right person for the right job makes all the difference to the quality of the project, that is why at J Brickwood Building Pty Ltd we have a team of qualified tradespeople and contractors, offering a comprehensive range of quality building trades. These include carpentry, electrical, telephony and data cabling, plumbing, plastering, roofing, concreting, bricklaying, tiling, landscaping and architectural design and drafting services.

Our next job, quite often stems from our last job, therefore the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our clients is paramount to our success. This is not to mention that our company is based in the area that we work therefore we have a special sense of pride in keeping our side of Sydney looking fantastic!

Our promise to you is simple –
a cost-effective, quality construction in a timely manner.

Give us a call or send an email, we will be more than happy to talk to you about any size residential building project.

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